Wairarapa Food Rescue

Feeding people, not landfills.

kg of food rescued

meals provided

kg carbon emission reduction

For every 1kg of food rescued:

  • 2.65kg of carbon dioxide emissions are prevented
  • 830 litres of water is saved
  • 2.86 meals are created
  • $7.49 retail value of food is saved

Since inception, Waiwaste Food Rescue has distributed more than 672,305kg of food.

Did you know, one third of food produced worldwide does not make it to the plate?

Whether it’s on the farm, in transportation, shops, or our own fridges, we are wasting food and all the resources it took to produce and transport it. Food wasted around the world makes up roughly eight percent of total greenhouse gas emissions.

Meanwhile, many people in our community are struggling to feed their families. And these numbers are on the rise.

This doesn’t make sense, so we’re doing something about it.

Waiwaste Food Rescue staff and volunteers are at work in the Wairarapa, rescuing food that is good enough to eat but not good enough to sell, and redistributing it to local community organisations who feed people.

We collect from supermarkets, growers, cafes, bakeries, and producers who recognise that they can help their community by handing on food to us.

We’re also the New Zealand Food Network Hub for the Wairarapa and receive bulk rescued goods from their logistics centres.

Want to help? We’re always looking for people and businesses to join our team, whether that be through donations of food, funds, or in a volunteer capacity. Find out more now…

A Special Thanks to Our Funders