Our Team

We are privileged to work with some fantastic folk!

 Here are just some of the wonderful people who make up our WaiWaste team…

Christine Kernohan


Originally from Scotland, I have lived in NZ for more than 45 years, and in the Wairarapa for more than 25. For many of these years I was the owner of Gladstone Vineyard, introducing and developing sustainable winegrowing practices there and being original members of Sustainable Winegrowing NZ. 

Now retired, I am a ‘greenie’ with a huge concern about the future of the planet, and the state I am leaving the world for my children and grandchildren. Personally, we integrate as many sustainable practices as we can into our life.

My involvement with WaiWaste is a way to practically make a difference in my own community by working to limit food waste and therefore methane emissions here in the Wairarapa. 


Vic Ross

Vic Ross


I have lived in the Wairarapa for twelve years now, moving here from Wellington via London, and have developed a great love for the area and the people in it. Having been a Librarian for nine years, I saw the job at Waiwaste advertised and thought ‘That’s my job!’.

I absolutely love the kaupapa of the organisation as it’s both environmental and social, and am proud to be working for such a busy non-profit. I currently live in Greytown with a husband, two children and a menagerie of pets and garden beds.

Laura Garland

Operations Manager

Born in London and raised in a village in the Cotswolds, I travelled to NZ after university. I have lived in NZ for 35 years, mostly in Wellington, more recently in the Wairarapa.

My experience of food was that it was mostly grown in a garden, protein was from eggs or from meat sourced locally. Food waste was a bucket for compost in the kitchen, meat bones went in the fire to be later spread in the garden. Vegetable scraps were made into stock for soup and any excess food was preserved or shared with neighbours. Seeing consumable food, often wrapped in plastic in a rubbish bin is a shock!

Working at WaiWaste, I see food waste being actively minimised. Consumable food prevented from entering our landfill, distributed to community groups and plastics cleaned and recycled. It is a privilege to be working alongside volunteers, donors, food producers and community groups with a shared passion and common goal.

Louise Lee


I am passionate about reducing food waste and supporting food secure communities, both as a researcher and a volunteer.

After working as an academic in management and sustainability issues at Massey University and the Open Polytechnic I retired to live in the Wairarapa in 2020. My research has lately focused on collective approaches to address climate change, including projects on food rescue and reducing single-use plastics in food retail.

I see my involvement with WaiWaste as a very tangible way to involve business and community in mitigating harmful climate change impacts of food waste to landfill as well as reducing food insecurity.