How can I donate food?

If you’re able to regularly donate food please get in touch! There are always community organisations in need and we’d be very happy to facilitate the collection and distribution of your surplus food items.

Once you’ve reached out to us, we’ll set up an initial chat to make sure we’re able to help redistribute the food items you have available and provide you with some information about what we can and cannot accept. We’ll also create a Memorandum of Understanding which will outline both of our responsibilities in terms of donating and collecting food.

Once that process is complete, we’ll set you up on a collection schedule. This could be daily, weekly or ad-hoc – it’s all about what works for you and your business. Each collection day our driver will collect your donated surplus food, at the agreed time, in one of our dedicated Waiwaste food rescue electric vans. From here the food comes to our premises at 15 Hope Street in Masterton where our volunteers check, sort and store items, before getting them ready for the community groups and organisations (like Masterton Foodbank) that we deliver to. Our warehouse includes a walk-in freezer and chiller to help us ensure food is always handled and stored in line with the highest food safety standards throughout this entire process.

If a pick-up service does not suit your business, you’re able to drop surplus food items directly to a foodbank near you.

Please note:

  • we have a 10kg minimum for food pickups
  • we cannot accept anything past its expiry date, or spoiled and no longer fit for human consumption
  • we’re unable to guarantee availability for ad-hoc food pick-ups and reserve the right to decline any food donation
  • any food items that don’t meet our food safety standards are donated to an animal shelter?
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